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Dear Fellow Fitness Professional,

If you have any desire to get packed classes, become your local fitness celebrity, create great, effective, fun routines, and earn more money from the industry that you love, then read on.....

Right this very moment, the fitness industry is changing. Years ago, you could set up a class in your local hall, send out a few flyers and get 50 - 100 people jumping along and screaming for more, resulting in more money in your pocket.  But with the advent of health club chains, this has been replaced with instructors being happy if they have 10-15 people in their classes!

The result of this is that instructors are being forced to teach more classes to less people, having to put up with red tape from health clubs, and ultimately not earning enough for their hard work, knowledge and training

It's not just me that is saying this.....

My International Group Exercise Instructor Survey

I recently contacted a survey with instructors from around the world and from the 100s of responses, their top 5 frustrations were;

1. Not earning enough money

2. Getting and retaining new clients

3. Creating interesting, and varied routines

4. Being able to breakdown choreography

5. Lack of client commitment, and maintaining client motivation

So it is clear that there is definitely a desire among some to improve skills, better themselves AND create a good service for class members, but certain frustrations seem to get in the way of them just doing their job to the best of their ability

So what can be done? How can instructors ensure success in an ever competitive market in which more and more people are becoming fitness instructors and group exercise leaders?

As a fitness presenter with 20 years experience in the industry, I am passionate that I can help as many people as possible remove these frustrations and actually get what they deserve from this ever expanding industry. Which brings me to.....

If you are ready to learn, REALLY ready to learn, then me, and my International Presenting Friends  are ready to teach you how to be to run your own fitness business that is successful beyond your wildest dreams. You WILL have busier classes, You WILL have increased exposure, you WILL get more clients and you WILL earn what your talents deserve. 

         Once I started as an instructor, I became increasingly frustrated that there was not one place where I could go to for tips on how to improve my skills, keep up with the latest techniques and issues and get inspiration for new choreography  until now!


         Lincoln's Fitness Training Academy does all this and so much more - for staggering value for money!


         The Academy site couldn't be simper to use and is easy to log in and navigate around. It is well designed and there is so much in there!  Information is also presented in a variety of formats,  videos to watch, notes to look at and audio to listen to  so there is something for everyone.


        Since becoming an Academy member, I can honestly say that I have improved  as an instructor.  I have full classes, with happy participants to prove it!  In these difficult times, you need an edge over the competition. The Fitness Training Academy will provide it for you!

Studio Instructor, Tracey Cottee

So What is Including In The Fitness Training Academy?

The Academy was designed as a one stop shop for your fitness instructing needs.  So included in the Academy you get.

  • Full group exercise masterclasses from Top International Presenters.  So now you can see how great, creative routines are broken down and taught,  You really will be learning from the best.

  • Audio Interviews with Industry experts on all aspects of the fitness industry.  You will get cutting edge information on choreography, fitness business advice, nutrition, new training methods, in fact ANYTHING that will take your career to the next level.

  • Access to all of my Special Offer Bundles.  Non members have to pay up to 27 for access to my step, aerobic, streetdance, mindbody and conditioning video, and ebook bundles, but you get them included as an Academy member.  That is over 10 hours worth of training!

  • Access to my weight management business in a box.  This gives you all the tools to start your own weight management course.  You get Schemes of work, lesson plans, lesson topics, all course handouts, in fact EVERYTHING you need to add an additional income stream to your business.

  • Business Building Video Training.  You get access to video training on aspects such as how to build a website that WORKS for less than 150, building your Facebook Pages, how to really use social media, creating a fitness ebook and loads more.

  • Class Handouts.  Each month you get a batch of articles, ebooks and handouts that you can rebrand and use as your own.  This allows you to deliver extra value to your clients and class participants, while saving you LOTS of time and energy

  • Choreography Skills Volume 2 Training Video Course.  This course builds on the skills developed in volume 1.  You will learn the tips, tricks and strategies that I and many top international presenters use to stay ahead of the game and teach flawless step and aerobic choreography

"Congratulations for setting up the website, it looks really fabulous!    For people like me who are busy I could not subscribe quick enough as the
chance to get online master classes / conventions is exactly what I was looking for. 


 It was getting really frustrating as I was doing 4 / 5 master classes a year, plus training, plus conventions etc, so when my business picked up I have had to substantially reduce my attendance due to workload and when setting up a business the first 3 - 5 years are so important.  I miss going like mad especially to the conventions, so to get this online is superb!  Well done Linx !


Kathy Buller, Director of Pole Fusion, UK

But There's More......Based on YOUR feedback This Is What The Fitness Training Academy Now Offers IN ADDITION!

MORE Full Length Choreography Added Each Month From World Class International Fitness Presenters

One Monthly Fitness Training Academy
Educational Webinar
One Monthly Fitness Training Academy
Business Building Webinar
One Monthly Fitness Training Academy Choreography Webinar
Replay Access to All Fitness Training Academy Webinars
Access to the Fitness Training Academy Forum
Four 30 Minute Private Coaching Calls With ME!!
(Valued at 400)

Here is What Another Current Fitness Training Academy Member had to say... 

         I would recommend the Fitness Training Academy to all levels of instructor from every discipline.

Whether you are just starting out and needing hints and tips on how to breakdown choreography or start up your business to an experienced instructor looking for inspiration and new ideas, it is a one stop website designed around us the instructors. The academy also has a personal feel. Lincoln actively seeks feedback and asks us what we need to know to make our classes more successful.

The articles and interviews are really interesting. Lincoln has gathered together a mix of people and opinions from a variety of areas of expertise.

The academy is value for money. There is oodles of choreography and new ideas for your conditioning classes too. If you have become stuck in a rut and needing inspiration for your classes click on to the academy and start creating, you will not regret it!!!!!

Studio Instructor Jane Mapperly

What you need to know is that I am passionate about getting as many instructors to overcome the frustrations that are around in our industry and getting them to succeed and achieve their potential!

So Much So That I Am Giving You This Exclusive Deal... 

Because I am so confident that my Academy is going to help you, I am going to offer you EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to the following;


So You Get

PLR rights to 15 audio interviews at value =167
PLR rights to transcriptions of 5 interviews at value 135

Total Real World Value = 302



And there is more.....

   Access to the first Fitness Training Academy is 19.97 WITHOUT the additions. I also know that it will help you create classes, improve how you teach AND help you to make more money.

But because I want to create an online community of pro active group exercise instructors that get paid what they are worth this is what I will do...


If You take action today, to show how much I believe in my product, I am prepared to let you have a FREE 14 day trial so that you can see everything that is included for you.


It will give you 14 days of free access and bill you a promotional amount of 14.97 (not (19.97) per month after the 3 days is up. If you aren't completely convinced it's right for you, just cancel anytime before the 14 days is up and you won't ever be billed a penny!



   Get Into The Academy For FREE!

         I have been in the fitness industry for 11 years, and in that time I've been on course after course, always trying to better myself and raise the standards of the service I deliver.

The one problem with all the courses I've done is there's rarely support for future development.

This is where Lincoln Bryden's Fitness Training Academy steps in. Lincoln provides articles that not only give me more ideas for my classes, but they start me thinking of how to develop the rest of my business as well.

Since being a member of the Fitness Training Academy I've added more clients to my classes, offered more to my current classes and even struck up a partnership with a local sports shop for client referrals between us!

The Fitness Training Academy is definitely something that I'm staying a part of. I can't wait to see where it motivates to go next!!

Simon Caddy
Personal Trainer & Group Exercise Manager

And To Make This A Complete No Brainer, Here Are Some More Bonuses!

Fast Action Bonuses

4 months EXTRA membership to the Academy.  This means

More Workouts, More Training, More Interviews, More Online Seminars, More Choreography, More webinars Value = 59.91

Library Of Exercise Video Clips That You Can Use To Create Your Own Videos, so you can get MORE exposure for your business! Value = 47

Become an affiliate and earn a commission for every instructor that you recommend to be a part of the Academy  Just think you could be earning if you refer just 2 instructors


 Also Based on Your Feedback I have introduced a Silver Membership Level

I understand that for some times are tough and even though I know that this is a great offer, some just cannot commit to the investment of 14.97 a month after the FREE trial period.  So what I have decided to do is, for a limited period of time introduce a Silver Membership.

Silver Membership Includes
Access to my Step, Aerobic, Mind body/conditioning and Streetdance video training courses
Access to all presenter training videos, which will be added to each month
Access to my Choreography Skills Volume 2 online training course
Access to all audio interviews and training from industry experts on choreography, nutrition, training and business development

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I reserve the right to remove this offer at any time should people begin to abuse it and login to download the materials without any intention of staying within the Academy. So it is in your interest to take advantage of this FREE offer while it lasts.

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See You On The Inside,


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