So what is Rest Based Training For Fat Loss Anyway?

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After the success of my previous post regarding Rest Based Training, I have decided to include another article by Jade Teta of Metabolic Effect

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Here is the article;

Rest-Based Training

By Jade Teta & Keoni Teta



Rest and exercise are usually Read more

Classes For Fat Loss

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Classes for fat loss is a bit of a hot topic at the moment within the fitness industry. I had the pleasure of covering some classes last week.  I say pleasure because I have not taught a regular class for a number of years and I actually enjoyed being in the Read more

The New ME Diet and Training

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The New ME Diet is an approach created by Jade Teta from Metabolic Effect.  I whole heartedly believe in the New ME Diet and the training principles attached to it as it paves a way forward for group exercise instructors to actually get our clients to achieve results.  Please watch the first part Read more

Jade Teta Metabolic Effect

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weight loss v fat loss

Hormones are the REAL secret to fat loss!

Dr. Teta completed his undergraduate training at North Carolina State University, earning a bachelors of science in biochemistry. He then went on to study at Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington, widely regarded as “the Harvard of natural medicine.” There he earned Read more