Seniors Fitness Pack

Build your own: Senior Fitness Business Introduction Pack


I have been lucky enough to team up with Senior Fitness Expert Vicky Hitchen to be able you to explode your fitness business with her Senior Fitness Introduction Pack

This is a 15 page eBook with accompanying online class videos perfect for a quick ‘kick-start’ to building and boosting your own senior fitness classes.


The Introduction Pack includes:


  • 3 complete ‘50+ Keep Fit’ class plans including:

1.    Class warm ups and cool downs specifically designed for seniors.

2.    The full class choreography from the way she breaks it down to how she puts it all together and build it up in to a fun and effective class making it easy for seniors to learn.

3.    Every routine and exercise comes with adaptations and progressions so you can gauge it perfectly for your senior classes depending upon their fitness level or ability


  • 3 x 50 minute online videos of her teaching the class plans to one of her  ‘50+ Keep Fit’ classes including:


1.    Her teaching the full class from beginning to end demonstrating all the choreography in action.

2.    Watch how she teaches the choreography, add progressions and put a routine together with adaptations so everyone can enjoy the class at the level that’s best for them.

3.    It is her complete class from start to finish so you can literally watch the video, copy it and teach it straight to your senior’s classes. Or if you prefer you can pick bits out, let it inspire you and add your own twist to teach to your classes.


  • One of the best ’key marketing strategies’ for senior fitness classes


1.      Making sure you market your classes to all the right people so you get lots of new people into your classes

2.    Ways to keep those people coming back to your classes every single week with minimum expenditure and effort on your behalf


All of this for just £19.95!


To take advantage of this fantastic package click the button below;

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