Learn Dance Choreography Tricks That Will Make It Easy To Teach In Schools As Well As Set Up Your Own Classes!

So Why Have I Put This Bundle Together?

There is an increasing amount of work available for instructors to go into schools and deliver streetdance sessions to children.

I actually wrote the first streetdance for kids course, and the feedback was great. I have now modified it and titled it, “How To Teach Streetdance – The Ultimate Guide”

Basically I have used all of my experience teaching dance in schools when I worked for the Gloucestershire Dance Project, and when I taught BTEC National Award Dance in Bristol, and mashed it up with my 20 years as a streetdance presenter (remember I taught streetdance fitness on the Big Breakfast TV show years ago?)

 So What Do I Reveal In This E Book?

In this ebook I reveal:

1. The 5 basic dance actions;
* Gesture
* Jumping
* Travelling
* Turning
* Stillness
..what they are and how you can use them to create choreography.

2. 10 Devices that you can use to change an existing routine into something completely different, without making up new choreography

3. How to use streetdance music and what types are the best to choreograph with.

4. How to improve your streetdance style and vital tips you can use to get your students to improve their dance style.

5. The different ways you can teach streetdance (teaching in a school is WAY different to teaching a fitness class!)

6. Different class structures – How to choose the one to suit your market.

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9 performance tracks that I have used in masterclasses, workshops and dance sessions worldwide that have been really successful. Each have special sound effects as well as songs that make choreography really easy. These normally cost £50 each to get made!


During my travels I have taken video clips of some of the best in the industry and for the first time I am sharing them and allowing you to download them TO YOUR COMPUTER!! So you will have access to videos from

2 x Tony Stone
2 x Madonna Grimes
Igor Castiglia (Italy breakdance Champion)
Tom Woll and Sasha (Russia) doing House Dance
Patrik Nahafahik (ex World Hip Hop Champion)
Larz Shuling and Gilton (Netherlands)
Gilton’s Michael Jackson routine (wicked!!)
Daniele Baldi does Prodigy!
Maria Madrid
Johan Johansson (Sweden) doing street jazz
Jo Parry and Tom Woll team teach
Gus Bemberry doing Missy Elliot (I should rephrase that!)
Dante (featured in Missy Elliot videos)

Trust me this is my treasure chest of some of my most treasured videos that I am allowing you to have AND WILL BE SENT STRAIGHT TO YOU

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Yes that is right, you get

1. How To Teach Streetdance Ebook
2. Dance Aerobic Ebook
3. 16 Streetdance online videos from the world’s best
4. 9 Specially mixed performance tracks

FOR £7.97! You know it makes sense.

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