Choreography Skills Volume 2

“Discover 11 Golden Keys To Make Your Aerobics and Step Classes Packed Every Session!”


My Choreography Volume 2 Online Training Course is 3 ½ hours of me teaching you the secrets that I used to create my classes and masterclasses for the last 20 years. There are tips in here that many presenters use but NEVER tell regular instructors. Until Now

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What Will You Learn From Watching This Online Video Training Course?

  • You’ll discover the ‘Insider Secrets’ to Creating Step and Aerobic Choreography Easily that will keep even the most demanding class participant happy


  • How one simple trick can change an existing routine that you have into something that looks completely different


  • You’ll discover the hidden secrets that will give your classes that “WOW” factor


  • The single most important question you must ask your self before you begin breaking down any aerobic or step routine. (Hint: Not knowing this will almost guarantee your failure!)


  • You’ll discover my BIGGEST secrets to always staying ahead of the game in terms of creating masterclass routines

and many many more time-tested class creation secrets straight from me.


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Grab this training this weekend and you can create routines easily, like this….


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Why Did I develop this training?

I have always tried to find better ways of developing and creating routines.  Although I am known for always being different and providing routines to inspire, this was not always the case.  I in fact used to HATE teaching step classes and felt the EMBARRASSMENT of having 200 people leave my class during a masterclass in Portugal when I was starting out.

So I really had to learn quickly ways and methods that would ensure that would never happen again. This powerful training was created just for you so that you can shortcut the learning curve.

And quite frankly, I want to give back. So now I am sharing with you the techniques that work, the ones you need to know, and with this training, you can watch the modules over and over again. Whenever you want, wherever you want! Click Here To Order Now!

What Does It Cost?

This training course is only going to be made available to my Members, as it contains such valuable information.  There are 3 ½ hours of training and each of the aerobic and step modules could sell for £30 each!

But for this weekend you can get EVERYTHING FOR JUST £14.97

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Here is what people are saying about Choreography Skills Volume 2

As a freestyle step and aerobics instructor I found the content both informative and inspiring.  Lincoln explained how to systematically build and layer choreography from absolute basic moves to very involved routines. I feel really excited about taking what I have learnt on board and experimenting and using the techniques with my own choreography.  Not to be missed. Sue Jenkins

Thought the course was fantastic, very easy to follow. Whether you are a brand new instructor or have years of experience this course gives you a step by step guide from base right through layers/breakdown and my personal fave insertion, to the finished twirly whirly spin your pants routine. This has something for everyone and I guarantee even the most experienced instructor can learn something new from it. Way to go Mr Bryden!!! Jayne Mapperley

I think this should be a compulsory module after completing ETM training. It opens up a whole new world of choreography options. It is simply Brilliant!!!!! Sally Anne

I only passed my etm a month ago, but I found that this online workshop was 100x more informative and useful than the entire etm course.  I would recommend this to any newly qualified aerobics or step instructors, it teaches you the basics for building routines and the confidence to mix things up.  I think the training would also help experienced instructors to put fresh moves into their routines and excellent methods to input the ‘wow’ factor! Rachel Healy

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