Linx Metabolic Effect Roadshow


Come and join me, Metabolic Effect European Master Trainer, International Presenter and Author of “Crack The Weight Loss Code” as I deliver 4 cutting edge sessions designed to motivate and educate you on all things relating to hormonal fat loss

Workshop 1 – The Truth about Fat Loss & The Metabolic Effect Workout

I will begin the day with a short presentation on the truth about fat loss, which may contradict what you think you may know. You will experience a group Metabolic Effect Rest Based Training Indoor Workout (30 min). RBT allows you to monitor your own intensity to push harder than you would normally, but also keeps the workout safe. This means that you can ensure more than ever that key fat burning hormones are working for you and not against you.

Workshop 2 – The Female Fat Loss Formula

Most workouts make no distinction between males and females. But ask any woman and they will tell you hormones matter and the female hormones can matter a lot. They play a key role in proper metabolic function. For those who are dealing with female specific fat loss resistance the only way to get results is to address the underlying hormonal physiology. This session is designed specifically for women and this is the most complete female specific fat loss session you will ever take part in.

Workshop 3 – Rest Based Legs Bums and Tums

Legs bums and tums classes are still the most popular sessions being taught in gyms and studios at the moment. I bring this right up to date using Rest Based Training, to provide a bodyweight class that you will not forget. Be prepared, this class will reach the parts other legs, bums and tums classes do not reach J

Workshop 4 – The Belly Fat Formula & Stretch For The Non Bendy

Losing belly fat goes beyond calories. People store fat differently and belly fat creates a unique hormonal environment – including insulin, cortisol, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone – that needs to be addressed outside of the traditional “cut calories” model. Linx explains a little associated with belly fat, and goes through the steps to help you lose it for good, taking a hormonal approach.  You will then take part in a stress reducing stretch and relaxation class that you can take away and use for yourself.

Date Area Club Time
Sat 18th Jan Manchester Hopwoord Hall College 11.30  
Sun 19th Jan Bromsgrove The Studio, B60 3DR 12.00 
Sat 25th Jan London London Leisure College, Eltham 12.00 
Sat 8th Feb Devon The Core Studio, Falmouth 10.00 
Sun 9th Feb Horsham Bluecoats Sports Centre 12.00 
Sat 22 Feb Flintshire Deeside Leisure Centre 12.00
Sun 23rd Feb Cheltenham Personal Best Studio 12.00 


The price for this day is as follows:

Book before 30th November, you pay only £30

Book before 31st December, you pay only £35

After that you pay only £40

Choose the date from the drop down menu below and book your space on your chosen date


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