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Tatiana Kolovou, Instructor, Presenter and Lecturer, Indiana, USA.

I have watched Lincoln inspire and motivate fitness groups with amazing enthusiasm. He is a true professional with excellent skills, knowledge and never ending energy!

International Fitness Presenter Hector Ponce Cortegana, Cuba

I have known Lincoln since 1999 and I can say he is a World Class Presenter full of energy and totally dedicated to his work. He is committed to keep group fitness excitement alive through his masterclasses.

Maryse Meteyry Convention Organiser, Paris

Lincoln Bryden is an excellent presenter, he knows how take along his classes with simplicity for all people, he takes his time to teach a simply step and turn into hard and complex…He is a simply guy, generous and very amazing…

Fitness Wales Convention Organiser, Mary Shephard

“Lincoln is a great presenter, lots of charisma and a great educator. He gradually builds up his routines and uses lots of clever strategies, so you have fun whilst you’re learning the choreography.”



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