Pilates and Personal Training With Gareth Nock

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This interview is with Gareth Nock. Since entering the fitness industry in 1997 Gareth has built a large clientele of personal training clients from all walks of life, spanning all adult age ranges and including elite athletes, expectant mothers and people recovering from injury and illness. Gareth is a sought-after personal Read more

Client Retention for fitness professionals

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It is often said that it is easier to market to existing fitness professionals than spending money getting new ones.  one way to get people to stay our customers for longer is to make them feel part of a community, so that there is a “pain of disconnect” if they Read more

So Are Fitness Business Coaches a Good Idea?

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Please add your questions, comments under the video and I will answer each personally.

Recently, during a Metabolic Effect group exercise training course that I held, there was a really interesting conversation during the break about the topic of coaches, and in particular having a fitness business coach.  What came Read more