Fitness Business Secrets With Steve Jack

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This is a great interview on top fitness building strategies with Steve Jack

Steve Jack is a leading mind, body and energy coach, with a background in Physical Education, Psychology and Energy Healing he is considered an expert in health, well-being and performance. For over 16 years he has Read more

Larz and Linx Fitness Day

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Saturday 7th May

David Lloyd Health Club
1.00- 5.30(ish)

Dutch Presenter Larz is truely an amazing fitness presenter and a UK favourite. His uniques aerobic and Step Choreography has made him a firm UK favourite, and he is back, together with Linx to share with you an excellent Fitness Feast!

Timetable Read more

So what is Rest Based Training For Fat Loss Anyway?

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After the success of my previous post regarding Rest Based Training, I have decided to include another article by Jade Teta of Metabolic Effect

I would welcome your thoughts and/or comments

Here is the article;

Rest-Based Training

By Jade Teta & Keoni Teta



Rest and exercise are usually Read more

A new approach to interval training?

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This is a must read article on interval training from Jade and Keoni Teta of I feel this is the way forward for instructors, and I would welcome your thoughts.

Rest-Based Interval Training
Jade Teta and Keoni Teta

There is a built in limitation to interval training that is Read more

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