Managing Your Time Better To Truly Expand Your Fitness Business

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Here is a video presentation that I prepared after doing some coaching calls with members of my Fitness Training Academy.  Please have a note pad and paper handy so that you can take some notes.

Press the like button if you found this useful.  If you would like Read more

Teaching Triple Step – A simple system anyone can use

October 26, 2010 by  
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Teaching Triple Step – How to spice up your step class without increasing the complexity of your choreography.

I was recently booked to present in the Czech Republic.  I had a great time and the people were amazing.  I was booked to teach 2 step classes which normally would not Read more

Daniel Gonzalez Step

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Spanish International Presenter Daniel Gonzales shows you how it is done in a selction of combinations from the great masterclass that he provided for my Fitness Training Academy.  If you are a step lover you will love the way he breaks down his routines and the creativity of his moves! Read more

What moves work best with each other?

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When making up routines you can make your life a lot easier for yourself if you know which moves work best together.

No matter if you are a seasoned instructor or a beginner there is always a situation when you are caught in a move where you know that unless Read more

What happens if your class goes belly up?

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We have all been there, regardless of group exercise experience. You know, you are into a routine and you are teaching your combination, and you have a complete mental blank, or the music skips, or you can’t pick up the beat. We are human and it happens. The problem is Read more

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