Advanced Step Choreography

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Counts Lead Leg Approach Description Facing
1-3 Right Behind Step Reverse turn Front
4-5 Left Behind Reverse mambo Front
6-7 Left Behind 2 walks to the end of the step Left
8-9 Left Front R side Cha cha cha along Read more

Fitness Presenting, What does it mean to me?

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This is a question that I do get asked more often  than not. I must admit initially the prospect of being up on a stage in front of a lot of people loving my work was probably the main reason I decided to follow this path.  However the longer I Read more

Fitness Day in Eltham

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I am a little nervous about this day as it will be my first one of the year.  But I am also really excited as there will be all new choreography as well.  Not booked on? No problem, click here to secure your place.

So Are YOU a good fitness instructor?

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What has always baffled me throughout this freestyle v pre-choreography is that unless I am mistaken, to get an exercise to music qualification we all had to teach an exercise to music class. That meant listening to music, designing out routine and then teaching it. But it seems that there Read more

Aerobic Master Pack

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For those of you that love aerobics then I have a super package for you! Basically you will get the following sent to your computer

1. Full Flowing Low online DVD (55 mins)
2. Mixed ability teaching online video
tutorial(14 mins)
3. Changing lead teaching online video
tutorial(12 mins)
4. Read more

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