Lessons Learnt From My 7 Year Old About Fitness Business

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This half term I had the pleasure of spending quality time with Harvey.  I decided to take him to a local park where we could feed the ducks (love that) and play on all the wonderful climbing frames, swings etc that they have there.  We were having a great time Read more

Lessons From A Messed Up Fitness Launch

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As you know I recently held the launch and delivery of my Online Fat Loss Summit.  I was lucky enough to gather some of the best names in the field of fat loss, and they agreed to contribute their knowledge in the form of presentations for the event.  With my Read more

To Zig Or to Zag in Fitness? The Choice is Yours

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Believe it or not, the above picture was taken 21 years ago, at the end of my Freshers Week at college.  Now to put this strange ritual in context, I did not drink alcohol until I started college (yes really!), So you can imagine the look on Read more

Fat Loss and The Menopause – What all instructors should know

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One of the features of my regular newsletter is some thing called “Ask Dr Jade” where you can ask Dr Jade Teta from Metabolic Effect Questions on Fat Loss.  One of the questions that created the most reaction was the following one regarding Fat Loss and Menopause.  If you are Read more

International Presenters Step Choreography For You

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Ok as you should know about me I am a freestyle step lover. That is my love and that is my roots.  It has enabled me to travel around the world and I want to keep the flag flying.

I also see that there are instructors that want to do Read more

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