Harvey’s Birthday Offer For All Fitness Instructors!

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5 6 Online Masterclass Routines Ready to Buy and Download For A Limited Time.  Learn Amazing Moves and Combinations From Top Class Presenters  To Stay Ahead Of Other Instructors !

Watch This Short Video To See What You Are About to Get!

You will get Aerobic, Step, Conditioning, and Triple Read more

If You Can’t be The Best Be The First

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 I have always been the type of person that had to be different from everyone else. When I was at school when everyone had Pony Quaterback trainers, I had to have Pony Linebacker.  I had to be the first person in my class to have a REAL Pringle jumper, Read more

[VIDEO] How To Record Fitness Audio Interviews and Add Them To Your Website

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One of the questions that I have received from a Fitness Training Academy member is how to add audio interviews to a website.  As you can see this is an important part of my site as it easily adds value, and information for your target market as well as allowing Read more

Biotyping with Sally Whitman

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This is a great interview with Sally Whitman of Blackberry Nutrition.  She introduces the concept of biotyping and how this can really help peoples’ fat loss easier. You will understand the 5 main biotypes, what their main dietary needs are, as well as the type of exercise that they prefer.  Read more

Managing Your Time Better To Truly Expand Your Fitness Business

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Here is a video presentation that I prepared after doing some coaching calls with members of my Fitness Training Academy.  Please have a note pad and paper handy so that you can take some notes.

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