Tatiana Kolovou, Instructor, Presenter and Lecturer, Indiana, USA.

I have watched Lincoln inspire and motivate fitness groups with amazing enthusiasm. He is a true professional with excellent skills, knowledge and never ending energy!

International Fitness Presenter Hector Ponce Cortegana, Cuba

I have known Lincoln since 1999 and I can say he is a World Class Presenter full of energy and totally dedicated to his work. He is committed to keep group fitness excitement alive through his masterclasses.

Maryse Meteyry Convention Organiser, Paris

Lincoln Bryden is an excellent presenter, he knows how take along his classes with simplicity for all people, he takes his time to teach a simply step and turn into hard and complex…He is a simply guy, generous and very amazing...

Fitness Wales Convention Organiser, Mary Shephard

“Lincoln is a great presenter, lots of charisma and a great educator. He gradually builds up his routines and uses lots of clever strategies, so you have fun whilst you’re learning the choreography.”

Kim Ingleby , IFS Personal Trainer of The Year 2008, Owner of Energise Performance

““Lincoln is a wonderful person – motivational, full of knowledge and inspiration and ultimately gets results, and gets things done. He is full of ideas, his presenting is infectious and I can highly, highly recommend him in any context he works within.”

Richard Brooke , Lecturer and Course Director , YMCA

“Lincoln is the consumate professional. He is charismatic, engaging and a great communicator. In all the years I have worked with Lincoln he has never failed to deliver quality sessions which have entertained and challenged a diverse range of audiences. I would not hesitate to recommend Lincoln.”

Anna Lanchbury , Fitness Enthusiast

“Lincoln is a fantastic presenter who can motivate & inspire you to do any type of move which you thought you were not capable of. His teaching techniques are clear & easy to follow & he makes joining in his class the best time you will have ever.”

Jackie Diss , Presenter , Fitness Events

“Lincoln is an inspirational and leading fitness educator as well as a true business professional. It has been a pleasure working with and for Lincoln over the years.”

Sylvia Jane, International Fitness Presenter

“Only in 5 words: creative…original… funny… didactic… simply GREAT!!!”

Peter Dragovic, Slovenian International Presenter

Linx is one of rare instructors in the aerobic circut that can make even harder and most difucult choreographies easy to understand for everyone.  He has charisma to make you follow everything that he does on step, hip hop or dance aerobic by simply being himslef. I can write millions of things here, but i think that only thing that matters is all smiling happy faces you can see on every Linx class..from beginner to advance students…he has something for everybody in his bag…

Graham Waite, Fitness Enthusiast

…after attending fitness weekends, conventions, one day events for getting on for 20 years the first name i check for in the programme is Lincoln Bryden

a lot of club instructors are under the misapprehension that they are good enough to be presenters if any of these aspiring teachers want to see how a masterclass should be presented, they should take the time to attend one of Lincoln Bryde n classes. the talented Mr Bryden delivers at a level most people will never reach.

Presenting at conventions,master classes, fitness weekends requires instructors that have a special stage presence, an effervescent character, transferable teaching skills and demanding choreography, Linclon Brydon has the lot!

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