Masterclasses for 2015

Metabolic Effect Workshops and Classes

Please watch this video to find out more about these classes


Dance Fusion Low!!

So you want a good time, so you want cool choreography and a great workout, but without the bouncing. Well look no further as this wicked low impact class, combines aerobic, jazz, funk even hip hop to give you the ultimate cardio experience.

Dance Style Aerobics

This is the class inspired by the course that Lincoln wrote for YMCA Fitness Industry Training. As the name suggests you will get a cardio workout, while mixing rhythms and style from the dance worl. Everyone is welcome in this class that promises fun, freedom and fitness!


Step into my World

Brand new, original combinations for you! As usual traditional step patterns are transformed into awesome stylised combinations. You will experience cross phrased tap free symmetrical sequences. Expect the unexpected!

Step ya Game Up

This is what Lincoln asks you to do in this step class with crazy rhythms and original ways of creating choreography. This will be a roller coaster ride of new moves, great atmosphere and surprising twists at the end. So if you wanna play, Linx asks that you step ya game up.

Double Trouble Step

Double Trouble is what you will get when you place Linx’s usual crazy choreography, onto 2 platforms. You will need to keep your wits about you as you will be stepping onto your partners’ step and you may even be stepping on the same step with a partner! Confused, you won’t be as Linx’s usual great teaching will guide you through

Funk/Hip Hop/Dance

House Aerobics

Calling all clubbers and party people! This is a funky house session that just asks you to express yourself and do what feels right to you. There is no right or wrong, just come with a smile on your face, and feel the grace of the latest low impact house dance moves!

Kicking funk and hip hop is the name of the game. This is definitely a grapevine free zone! Everyone will be getting their groove on to the latest hits during the class then the finale will have lots of surprises!

Linx’s Afro Latin Party

Now is your time to truly Live la vida Loca. Calypso, Soca and salsa moves are mixed and blended with classic latin rhythms to provide you with a magical fun jamboree. All Lincoln asks is that you be prepared to wiggle your hips and to expect the unexpected!

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