Interview with Industry Legend Lydia Campbell

I had the great pleasure of interviewing the one and only Lydia Campbell, who gave a candid and informative view about her time within the industry.

Known as one of the most established fitness experts with in the industry………….she is one of the few people who started in the fitness industry when the Jane Fonda workout arrived to the UK. Switching from teaching dance to aerobics in bare feet, thongs and leg warmers. These days she may have dropped the thong but she is still active, teaching and bringing fitness to the masses after so many years. Inspiring 100’s to follow a career in fitness, and lead a healthy lifestyle she has helped develop the fitness industry from promoting companies, presenters to setting exercise standards. Along with her consumer videos and books she has helped establish and promote some of the UK’s top Fitness presenters and training concepts.

She was recently awarded Life time fitness achievement award for her contribution to the Fitness Industry 2010 by Chrysalis Promotions organizers of the world wide International Fitness show case.

Lydia  says

“Receiving the award was an honor and fantastic to be thanked for my work that I d loved doing all this years. Our industry would not exist if it wasn’t for passion and self drive ” 

This is an amazing interview, with someone who reveals;

(1)The specific steps that she took to run 2 fitness events each year that had 5,500 in each!!

(2)The tips and strategies that she has employed to keep her at the top of the fitness game for 30 years.

(3)Her views on how the fitness industry has changed and how you can use this knowledge to be successful

And loads more!  To listen to this interview, just click the link below;



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