Interview With Celebrity Trainer Richard Callender

I had the great pleasure to interview the one and only Richard Callender.   As well as being the face of many celebrity fitness workout videos such as The Jordan Workout , Dancing on Ice and Vicky Entwhistle he is an established fitness presenter and now a featured Personal Trainer on ITVs the Biggest Loser.

Richard has given some of his valuable time in this interview and he reveals such secrets such as;

1) How he got his lucky break to become an established media expert

2) The keys to his success and how you can benifit

3) The main programs that he is developing and how you can be a part of it.

4) 3 tips to become a more successful fitness expert

And lots more!  To listen to this interview please click the link below.



You can find out more about Richard and his work by going to his site

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