Interview With Jon Le Toq


I was very fortunate to interview Jon Le Toq, Personal Trainer and Co- Creator of the Fitness Entrepreneur Bootcamp, which is an  event which I believe ALL fitness professionals, whether you are into personal training or group exercise, needs to be at.

Creator of the national Kettlebell Tour and author of the online programs the Fat Loss Action Blueprint and Intense Conditioning, Jon broke records in gaining personal training clients in a major commercial gym using methods the other trainers laughed at a first then wished they’d thought of!

Jon will be presenting on the 10 Commandments For Fitness Entrepreneurs which will set up the weekend and get you in the mindset that you can and WILL achieve anything you want once you’ve got your mind in the right place.

This is VERY powerful stuff but simple to apply whether you have a stand alone business or you’re in competition with all the other trainers in the gym!

You are going to LOVE this interview as it reveals many of Jon’s training and business strategies as well as why you really should be at this groundbreaking event.

To listen to this interview, just click the link below

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To find out more about the Fitness Entrepreneur Bootcamp, please click here 


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