Interview with Paul Mort

This week’s interview is with inspirational Fitness Professional Paul Mort.  As well as being an extremely successful personal trainer and bootcamp instructor, he has developed a unique fitness event for the UK called the Fitness Entrepreneur Bootcamp, taking place in Nottingham 24th 25th April 2010.

This interview started with the intention of Paul talking about the event and why instructors should go to it, but it turned into Paul giving some priceless tips on how ALL instructors can improve their fitness businesses.

In this interview you will learn

1. The amazing range of speakers that will be at this event (hint: one of them is Alwyn Cosgrove who is the Fat Loss Legend – I cannot believe he is in the UK!!)

2.  Why you HAVE to be there, and what you will get out of this UNIQUE event!

3. 3 BONUS tips that Paul has used to transform his fitness business and how he manged to earn £6000 in a month working only 6 hours per week (Yes really)

And much, much more! This really is priceless stuff, so get your pen and paper out and get ready to take some notes!! Click the link below to listen to it now!



To book onto this one of a kind event click here


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