Cherry Baker Post Natal Exercise Guidelines Pt 1

Cherry Baker is back again to provide 30 minutes of invaluable information for all personal trainers and fitness instructors. You will feel far more comfortable dealing with post natal ladies in your classes, as Cherry guides you through Part 1 of this Presentation. She answers valuable questions such as;

1. What actually is the legal post natal period

2. What are the important questions that you must ask to ensure the class is suitable for your client

3. The Benefits of post Natal exercise

4. Abdominal speration and testing for diastasis

5. Factors affecting Stability in the postnatal phase

6. Core Stability

And loads more. This is brilliant stuff and I know that you will get lots from this presentation. Listen to this presentation now. Enjoy!!


If you would like to be able to;

1. Download this Mp3 training

2. Watch a VIDEO of this training

3. Download the Powerpoint handouts from this training

Then all you need to do is just click here



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