Interview with Gill Cummings Bell of Drummond Education

This audio interview is with Gill Cummings Bell of Drummond Education.  They are responsible for some of the most innovative training courses in the industry at the moment, including their new level 2 ETM mixed with a BTS module which is proving extremely popular.

Gill’s background is in nutrition, and she provides some great advice for how instructors can implement nutritional advice for their clients.  So in this interview you will get information such as;

1.  How Gill increased her profile within the industry.

2.  What are the key components of running a  successful weight management program?

 3. What training routes are there for people wanting to inprove their  nutritional knowledge?

4. What are the most common nutritional “myths” that instructors  are still telling their clients?

5. What 3 tips that instructors could take away to be more  successful in this industry.  

This is a BRILLIANT INTERVIEW! You will get loads of practical advice on business development and nutrition from listening to this interview.  All you need to do is click the link below.

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