Body Weight Cardio

Bodyweight cardio is becoming all the rage due to its effectiveness and time efficiency. In fact Alwyn Cosgrove designed what he calls his hierarchy of fat loss. You can read more about this by visiting this link here

Traditionally this approach has been the eclusive domian of personal training, which to me is silly, as surely people that come to group exercise classes have the same goals as pt clients ie bodyshape change, fat loss etc.

Sooooo I have taken some of Alwyn’s principles and tried to adapt it for group exercise. Some of the ways that you can put anaerobic mini ciruits into our classes is to:

1. Add them at the end. Eg you teach your aerobic, step or cardio routine, and then add a metabolic circuit at the end. For example you could add this  routine at the end of any class to really get your participants to call you bad things!

2. If you are teaching a conditioning class, then use this circuits and the ones below to and the metabolic conditioning effect.

Of course you can make modifications as you see fit but it really is an effective mini circuit.

Here are some more ideas for you;

Bodyweight Cardio 1

1. Lunge and reach x2 each side
2. Mountain Climbers x 10
3. Lateral ski jumps x10
4. Power Squats x 10

Side squats as an active recovery for 45 – 60 seconds.


Bodyweight Cardio 2
1. Hopskotch x 10
2. Explosive Step Ups x10
3. Plank walk outs x10
4. Squat Jumps x10

Again side squats as an active recovery for 45 – 60 seconds


Both of these mini cardio circuits are really great for the end of your class to increase its effectiveness, plus they are FUN (well sort of)

Give these circuits a try and see the difference that it makes into your classes. Let me know how you get on.

You can get videos with full descriptions of all the exercises by clicking the link below

Click here to see videos of these bodyweight circuits

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