7 Bs Of Fitness Success

I am now in my 21st year of teaching and many people asking what are the keys to having a successful fitness career and staying in the business. Well apart from having a lot of luck, I think it all boils down to the following rules which I have called the 7 Be’s of success

Be yourself

There is nothing more frustrating than to see a new instructor/presenter trying to be the next Steve Watson, Ceri Hannan, Rachael Holmes etc.  You should strive to be you, as it is your personality, charm, charisma, that will keep people believing in you and coming to your classes

Be knowledgeable

Please do not just be someone that makes flash choreography.  Although you do not need to be a walking encyclopaedia you do need be knowledgeable in the disciplines that you teach.  Even if your members or clients ask you a question that you do not know, either vow to find the answer for them or refer them to someone that can.

Be humble

One of the most successful presenters ever, Marcus Irwin was also by far one of the most down to earth “normal” people that you can ever meet. I always saw presenting as teaching a class but to slightly more people.  Again the more successful fitness people that I know always have time to speak to people at events.  Be humble and don’t get carried away with your own press just because 30 people from your regular night class, think you are the best thing since sliced bread

Be a person that over delivers

This is a bit of an American phrase, but it definitely applies to the fitness industry, whether you are a presenter, group exercise or pt. Over deliver on the product that you are delivering; your masterclass, normal class, pt session, and people will always come back for more. I always prided myself on the fact that I did different choreography each masterclass that I did, as I felt that if people were paying to see me, and then the least that I could do was provide new material.  If you are a group exercise instructor, why not prepare a monthly newsletter informing your members of the latest news in the world of fitness, or organise social events for your group. By delivering more than your clients or members expect, then you increase your credibility again and guess what, they keep coming back for more!

Be up to date

The fitness industry is changing at such a quick pace that it is vital that you stay on top of your game.  This will enable you to stay current in the service that you provide, and will help improve your credibility with your clients and potential clients.

Be versatile

I started my path in presenting as a hip hop instructor, pure and simple. Although that was great for my ego it was crap for my business as the industry wanted hi/lo and step instructors at the time.  So I had to follow Olympic Athlete Daley Thompson’s advice and work on my weaknesses.  This meant that I was able to deliver masterclasses in all types of sessions even stretch and conditioning.  And you know what?  My most successful classes now are step and conditioning. So be open minded and versatile and you will be able to be more than just a “one trick pony!”

Be good!

Trust me if you are an instructor that is your own person, over delivers, is versatile, up to date, knowledgable, and humble, you will definaltely be good.  By observing these Be’s you will be able to stay ahead of your competitors and hopefully be part of a great industry for years to come.

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