How To Teach Streetdance

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I actually wrote the first streetdance for kids course, and the feedback was great. I have now modified it and titled it, “How To Teach Streetdance – The Ultimate Guide” This an excerpt from the guide giving you practical tips on how to teach streetdance.

How To Teach Streetdance Tips – Breakdown Skills

Breakdown skills are the methods used to breakdown your act 4 of swan lake, and gradually add the levels of complexity so that your full masterpiece can be appreciated and learnt with minimal stress.

 Although there are many ways to achieve this, here are the most common learning curves 

Add on, or linear teaching

This is simply where you teach one move, and then another, without going back from the top. This could be used in a warm up and is great to introduce people into the streetdance style or for dance drills

The Link Method

 Here, you add on separate sequences of moves. 

Sequence A

Move A

Move B

Add A+B together

Sequence B

Teach move C

Teach move D

Add C+D together then link that with sequence A


Repetition Reduction/Reverse Pyramid

 This is where you start with a high number of repetitions of a movement, and then reduce them to achieve your final result. For example :

4 side lunges right and left leg, reduced to 2, then single side lunges.


 This is where you as an instructor have established a base pattern, and then you would layer on another progression. For example after establishing a march to the right, then march on the spot base pattern , you could then layer changes to the march on the spot. Then you could layer on rhythm changes to the march to the side, followed by layering on a turning change for extra effect!

 Half time teaching;

 As the name suggests the combination/movement is performed at half tempo to allow the participants to get the move. This a popular method for teaching movements when routines are learnt with music in the background.  Here is an example with streetdance master Tony Stone:

Sometimes however teaching a combination in this way does not convey the actual real time rhythm. In these instances the following may be a better option

 Staggered time

This is where a movement, for example. An arm pattern is performed at actual time, but with pauses at certain points to allow participants to learn a bit at a time.

By adopting some of these techniques you will learn how to teach streetdance in a really easy way, and perhaps will teach routines like this.

I hope that you enjoyed this post.  I have loads more videos, tips, and strategies for creating amzing streetdance routines and classes, whether you teach in schools, or whether you teach to adults. 

 To see a video of me explaining exactly how YOU can take your streetdance classes to the next level, please click here

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