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I have put together a step offer for the Step a holics out there. Basically you will get the following sent straight to your computer;

1. Full Step Celebration DVD (55 mins)
2. Stylised Step DVD (55 mins)
3. 6 x 16 and 32 count combinations with
breakdown (19 mins)
4. Fit 2 Step Finale choreography
5. Fit 2 Step Choreography with full breakdown
6. Italian Team Teach Finale with full breakdown
7. Gil Lopes Italian Masterclass final
8. Gil Lopes 32 count block with full breakdown
9. Gil Lopes and Joan Altisen step finale
10. One of my studio class finales
11. Choreography Skills Step workbook detailing
all of my breakdown and choreography construction

You can get all the above for just £8.47, that’s right LESS THAN A TENNER!

Trust me, if you like teaching step, then you will have choreography coming out of your eyeballs for months to come, all delvered straight to you without having to wait for anything to come through the post!

To get your steppers delight bundle, please click the link below

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