7 tips for a kick butt conditioning class

Free Presentation tells you the 7 secrets for creating a Kick Butt Body Conditioning Class PLUS a bonus presentation on core conditioning, with extra exercises and 2 sample workouts

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  • http://fitformoore.co.uk lisa

    Hi there,

    Thanks for presentation, it was great. One of the things I try to do is get people working in pairs, sometimes with bands and sometimes without. Not only does it get people laughing and talking but they start to form great friendships and also work a bit harder as they never want to be outdone by their partners!


  • http://www.bfitta4life.wordpress.com bfitta

    Really useful resources always on the lookout for different core exercises

  • http://www.complementaryfitness.co.uk Susan

    thanks Lynx, very professional, nice mix of exercises to use in conditioning classes. The photos etc are very good. It’s good to see how you put your class exercises together with sets etc. Thanks very much for all the info

  • http://southdownpersonaltraining.co.uk Martin

    Thank you Linx. These are really great exercises, not too difficult to teach, and will be really useful in my conditioning classes.

  • Mazdoesaerobics

    I’m not surprised to hear that many instructors do body-conditioning without their clients breaking a sweat…they clearly don’t have time to do any research and find out what’s new and different so your bringing these ideas in a quick and easy format is a fantasstic idea. Loved the core ideas – will be using a few in my class tonight. Thank you.

  • http://www.celiajohnsononline.com Celia

    Hi Lincoln

    I really enjoyed the exersice I do them in class now Great idea to superset the exercises
    Love the new concept to funtional training.
    Keep up the good work and thank you very much

  • shashi kanth

    thank you linx, i will use it , that was great and really not so difficult to teach.

  • Hilary Erin Blake

    Yea i enjoyed the presentation, looking forward to trying out the core exercises on my class next week 🙂 Also like what Lisa says about getting her group to work in pairs, sounds good gonna give that a try also. Thanks again 🙂

  • Lavinia

    Lincoln. really enjoyed the blt suggestions.
    I use a few already but it was good to see some variations which I hadn’t thought of.
    Good stuff

  • Anne-Sophie

    Thanks for this, Lincoln – some of it, we should already know & use, but it can be good to get a little reminder. Re: changing routine, I only teach locally my own classes, but I do something different every week…my clients love it. Will definitely use some of the exercises demonstrated, mostly as an advanced option for my most regular clients.

  • shahrbanoo

    thank you Lincoln , i will use them . They are very professional Thanks for presentation.

  • ben ncir lamia

    thank you Lincoln 🙂
    Very interesting, usefull and professional exercices to use in conditioning classes.
    Everything was great.
    thank you very much again 😉

  • http://fitnesstrainingdownloads.com admin

    No problem, it is a pleasure!


  • Amy B

    Excellent! Thank you!

  • Lissafynn

    Excellent tips, thank you

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, it is a pleasure

  • Anonymous


  • JRPilates

    Great tips thanks. Hadn’t thought of using slow counts to do the exercises. I usually get them there then hold. Will def use these.

  • shadi

    thanks alot

  • Anonymous

    You’re welcome!

  • Anonymous

    Great, I am glad that you found them useful

  • jackie Canham

    excellent thank you
    just good to have a bit of a refresher

  • Lynsy

    Really nice ideas! Thanks!

  • kor

    great tips and variations on core stabilizing exercises.. thank you!

  • Donnafewsterjones

    Found it very useful and interesting .. and helpful as im ust planning for a toning class for tomorrow im re covering for a freind .. so timeing was perfect .. thanks loving your info and helpfulness…

  • http://www.Andrewkpt.com/ Andrew K

    Excellent info, thank you.

  • Laura

    Thank you very much Lyncoln!

  • rahaa.alizadeh

    excellent thankyou