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The International Fitness Showcase is undoubtedly one of Europe’s biggest and best conventions.  Each year 1000s of people from all over the worl take part in this fitness extravaganza.  There are classes in everything to do with fitness; aerobics, step, dance, spinning,yoga, Pilates, personal training, in FACT EVERYTHING!

If you are serious about your fitness career development, or if you are an enthusiast that wants to get your groove with the best instructors in the world you HAVE TO BE AT THIS EVENT!

This year’s event runs from the 26th – 28th March and the great news is that YOU CAN COME FOR FREE.

It is a little known fact that I started my presenting career working as a steward at events such as this which would allow me to gt the convention for free in exchange for a few hours helping the organisation out each day.  This to me was a no brainer as I could take part in any classes or workshop that I wished, go to the evening’s parties and generally be a better presenter, all in exchange for taking in a few admission tickets!!

You are able to do this at the International Fitness Showcase. All you need to do is complete the steward application form and email it to and you’re in (you just need to find accomodation for the event, but we help with that too!)

So if YOU want to be a part of this amazing event for FREE please click here to access this form

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