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The key to teaching any step class, what ever the level is the quality of step choreography breakdown.  I always say regarding classes that the fun is in the journey and not the destination, and I see too many instructors ignore this simple rule and try to get to the end result to soon.  This results in frustrated clients who may not come back to your classes.

So what is the key to good step choreography breakdown? Well this video may explain it better.

There are step choreography breakdown techniques that can be used to teach Step class. The main rule of thumb is that the class needs to be taught in a manner that allows everyone to feel comfortable, therefore the base moves should be taught in an logical manner.

Let us use the following as an example how easy step choreography breakdown can be.  I am going to choose the following to work with.

16 count combination.

Counts Lead Leg Approach Movement Facing
1-10 R Behind 2 x big squats over the step Left
11-12 L Behind 1 x step kick Right
13 N On top Place right foot behind left Right
14 N On top Reverse pivot Left
15-16 L On top Step down Back

The first thing I always do when considering step choreography breakdown is establish a base move which lasts the duration of the finished article.  So if my end product is 16 counts then my base move will also last 16 counts.  As this combination changes lead leg, then my base move must change lead leg also.

 Here are the steps that you could use to layer in the relevant changes;

 Step  1            Begin with 4 knee repeaters, 4 marches, 1 basic step. Repeat

Step 2             Layer in the big squat over the 4 knees repeaters.

Step 3.            Layer in the kick pivot over the 4 marches and basic step.

So you see from simple beginnings a level 2 or 3 combination has been created, with the minimum of stress!!

Here is another, slightly more advanced illustration of how using step choreography breakdown can produce a slightly more complicated routine (even if I kept messing up in one combination!!)

 The key is to make the journey through the class as enjoyable as possible, and if you think that the above routine is too hard and that no one would be able to get it, here is the finished product, in all its glory!

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