Functional Fitness Training In Your Classes

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This an exclusive interview on functional fitness training in your classes.  Cherry Baker has over 30 years experience in teaching workshops and classes to literally 1000s of people.  She is an inspiration to many fitness instructors and this is a great insight into how you, as an instructor can incorporate functional fitness training in your classes in the correct way so that your clients will gain the maximum results in minimum time.

So How do you add in functional fitness training in your classes?

In this interview with Cherry you will learn;


  1. How conditioning has changed and developed throughout the years
  2. Are side lying leg raises that bad? Is there a place for them in our classes?
  3. What is the most important muscle in terms of core stability?  You may be surprised at the ansewer
  4. What an ideal template would be for incorporating functional fitness training in your classes together with exercises that you could use within the class.


To listen to this interview, either click the picture, or the link under it.  make sure that you a pen and paper handy as you will be taking notes, guaranteed!


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  • tracey

    Loved the Cherry Baker interview, nice to hear someone talking about glutes as a major stabiliser in core strength activity. I totally agree they are one of the most important muscle groups in core strength!

  • Gill

    Good to hear Cherry taking so much sense. Where can I get her standing DVD from?

  • admin
  • Terry

    As a personal trainer I’ve been working with integrated excercises from day 1.
    Very functional, very simple movements, but much fun and very rewarding.
    It’s almost unbelievable, that people still are training “the old fashioned way”, workouts of 1 1/2 to 2 hours, with less results than we have!

  • Jo Brown

    Yey, love it! Cherry Baker what a master of fitness and technique. She makes me hold my abs in just listening to her! Thanks Linx, another fab interview. X

  • Anne-Sophie

    super interview, great content, some ideas I will use not doubt in my next conditioning class. The lady knows her business….and she sounds normal! Not full of herlself, I like her style, will buy that DVD.Thanks Lix!