Exercise and Pregnancy

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This is a great interview with one of the UK’s Best Presenters, Cherry Baker. She has lectuered extensivley on the topic of Exercise and pregnancy, as well as writing a book as well. This interview on exercise and pregnancy reveals up to date information as well as priceless tips on how we as instructors can deal with pregnant women in our classes. In this interview you will find out;

  1. The 2 things you should say to a woman who comes up to you before your class and telss you that they are pregnant.
  2. What a high risk pregnancy is, and how this would affect your class.
  3. When you should seek medical advice, before allowing someone to take part in your sessions
  4. What to ask someone who has NOT exercised before being pregnant
  5. What week the hormone relaxin peaks and how that affects pregnancy


To listen to this interview for free, please click the picture, or link below, and then click the play button (please bear in mind that it may take a while to load)


Please leave a comment below to let me know what you have learnt (if anything) from this interview and if you will aplly this in your classes

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  • Sabrina

    Very informative, thorough and easy-listening. Thank you for the wealth of advice and information Cheryl! And thank you Lincoln for arranging the interview and making it public!

  • http://fitnesstrainingdownloads.com admin

    It’s a pleasure. There wil be another interview with Cherry on Standing postural work coming soon. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  • Jo Brown

    Wow, what a fab interview! Took notes all the way through and feel so much better about being able to advise pregnant ladies who come to my classes.

    Feel slightly irresponsible that I didn’t know all that before really!

    Thanks so much to you both!

  • http://www.bumptobabe.co.uk Claire

    Great advice from one of the leading experts in the field of exercising during pregnancy. I’ve even posted this on my Facebook profile for others to listen to. Thanks!

  • http://fitnesstrainingdownloads.com admin

    No problem and thanks for posting it on your facebook site. I think the more people that know this information the better for everyone in the industry

  • http://fitnesstrainingdownloads.com admin

    No problem. At least you are taking the time to invest in your learning so that you can provide even more quality information to your class participants

  • Susan

    Thanks Linx and Cherry for the very informative interview. I took notes during the interview so it’s great to have advise if I need to pass it on. Looking forward to more interviews.

  • http://fitnesstrainingdownloads.com admin

    No problem, check out the interview that I have just posted about how to include stabilisation exercises in your conditioning classes that work. It is wicked!

  • caroline

    Thanks for a very interesting interview, it certainly makes you aware of how much there is involved in teaching ladies who are pregnant. I have took some notes, but unfortunately have to stop listening at the moment, I would like to read the info from her book as i can then refer to it as often as i need ! Where can i get the book from and what is the actual title ?


  • http://fitnesstrainingdownloads.com admin

    Contact Cherry Direct at cherrybaker.com and I am sure that she will be able to help you

  • Jaynie H

    Fabulous interview, very informative and easy to listen to. Thanks Cherry and Lincoln

  • Justine O’Hara

    Fantastic interview! Thanks for all that information. I teach Pilates and I have just learned that one of my clients is pregnant. Have taken notes and I’m going to get Cherry’s book.
    One thing however that wasn’t mentioned is Aqua aerobics. Do the same principles apply? Obviously impact is reduced in water but are there any other specific points to be considered?



  • Anonymous

    Hi Justine, thanks for the great question. I think your best route is contact Cherry who will answer the question to the fullest, and will give some great information that you can use in your classes.

    Thanks again


  • http://www.stepbysteppregnancyguide.com/diets/exercise-during-pregnancy.php Exercise During Pregnancy

    Amazing interview! Thanks for all that details. I show Yoga and I have just discovered that one of my customers is expecting.