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The Exercise ball, or stability ball is a large, inflated, rubber ball. The Swiss ball was originally created in Italy in the 1960’s and provides instability or resistance which requires the user to rely on ‘core’ muscles to retain balance – thus improving strength and flexibility of those muscles.

A Swiss doctor studied its use in a clinical setting by incorporating the ball in rehabilitation therapy. While it is still used in physiotherapy it has also become known in the general fitness world as an adaptable and enjoyable addition to routines building strength, flexibility and proper posture.


Because the exercise ball is so easy to use and enjoyable, it is able to be used by almost everyone, young or old. However, because the Swiss ball is designed to create instability (thus forcing the body’s own muscles to be employed) there is a need for caution. The elderly, injured, pregnant women or anyone otherwise subject to a lack of stability or increased risk of falling, should not use the exercise ball without personal instruction and care.

Exercise Ball Benefits

Besides providing balance training, (an often overlooked component in most exercise programs) stability balls work your core in almost every exercise that is performed, and work multiple muscles at one time while forcing your body to balance itself. So your core will be better prepared to support the rest of your body in whatever activity you do. They are versatile too:

Improved Posture.

It takes more energy to move the body when you have poor posture not to mention an increase of stress to the joints and stabilizer muscles. An athlete is always searching for the edge over the competition and simply improving posture will help the body function more effectively and efficiently. Swiss ball training is an excellent form of posture training. Postural muscles have to work in the unstable environment, unlike supported exercises such as machine training.

Improved Balance/Stability.

The human body moves in three planes or a combination of planes and for improved balance and stability, an individual needs to perform exercises that allow them to train in these multiple planes. Traditional machine weight training takes the balance out of the picture and the machine actually becomes your stabilizer. Swiss ball training places you in an unstable environment forcing you to utilize your neutralizer and stabilizer muscles to stay balanced in a given position or through a particular motion. The result is improved sports performance since you are able to apply more power and strength to any situation, especially out on the golf course, when you need to balance and stabilize your body on a hill or unstable position.

Strengthen The Core & Extremities.

Exercise ball exercises require constant activation of the core muscles, which translates to a more functional core as well as sculpted abdominal and back muscles. Using the Swiss ball with free weight exercises will help develop the extremities while training the core at the same time.

So an instructor that can teach a well balanced exercise ball routines will be popular as well as adding another string to their bow.

Here is a sample exercise ball routine that you can take away and use


Perform each exercise in a superset fashion. For example perform A1, then A2, rest 30-60 secs then repeat A1 again then A2. Then progress onto B1 and B2

Here are videos of some of the exercises

Prone Jacknife

Supine Leg Curl

Hip extension

If you like these videos and routine, then I detail 19 stability ball exercises, plus an intermeditate and advance routine in my stability ball ebook.  This book is included in my mind/body and conditioning package, which contains 2 full length stretch and conditioning videos, plus nearly 40 different functional, bodyweight conditioning exercises and routines that will be sent straight to your computer, for you to take away, and use with your clients/classes.

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  • Carmy

    Great exercises for the core I will be using these next week thanks

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    Pleasure, there is more to come. Watch this space!

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    i can feel the strength of these movements,just by watching, will be using them in the gym.

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    Yes be warned they definately do work!

  • http://signaturehandtherapy.com/ alexandra demetriou

    Good post! I use the ball frequently in my rehabilitation clinic. These are great exercises for overall conditioning. When you condition your body, you are less likely to get injured!!
    alexandra demetriou, OTR/L CHT

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    Exercise ball provide you several variation for the exercise and these videos highlight all the exercise that can perform with the help of the this ball. I think this trainer provide best fitness training.