Andrew Crawford

Andrew Crawford is a UK fitness industry legend. From presenting nationally and internationally, he has carved out a very successful career as an accountant to many group exercise instructor and personal trainer. He understands the industry that we are in and is therefore in a great position to help us in terms of submitting our accounts in a timely manner and above all saving us money!

In this entertaining interview you will discover:

1) The 3 many mistakes, almost all fit pros make when submitting their accounts
2) How to make your accountant’s job a lot easier, therefore saving yourself tons of money
3) Key areas that you can claim expenses for that no one has told you about, including a killer way of re wording one method, that the tax man will accept.
4) How to do all of the above at the touch of a button!

You will love this interview, so please have a notepad a pen ready as there is a lot of information here. To listen to the interview please press play.

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