Metabolic Effect Roadshow Video Resources

I recently held my Metabolic Effect Roadshow around the UK, where I covered topics such as 

  • The Truth About Fat Loss
  • The Female Fat Loss Formula
  • The Belly Fat Formula
  • Rest Based Legs Bums and Tums

The feedback was pretty good, as you can see below 🙂

Anyway some people have contacted me saying that they could not attend the event but would like some sort of access to the notes of the day.  Well I have decided to go one better and give you the chance to get the full video recordings of the day.  So this would be 

1) An online version of my Amazon book, Crack The Weight Loss Code – worth £9.99

2) A version of my Group Exercise Program builder which will help instructors create the type of class that I will teach during the day – worth £29.97

3) Video Recording of The Female Fat Loss Formula (60 minute presentation)

4) The belly fat formula (60 minute presentation)

5) A copy of the Metabolic Effect Lower Body Fat Protocol

6) A copy of the Metabolic Effect Belly Fat Protocol

7) A video recording of the Rest Based Legs and Bums workshop that I did in Wales last year including a demo class (60 minutes)


This amounts to over 4 hours of content and you can have access to this for just £29.97.  These resources will be available to you immediately after you have clicked the add to cart button below. 


Cost for all of these resources

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