Free Template For Writing Down Aerobic And Step Choreography

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We have all tried ways of writing down aerobic and step choreography, so prove to be more successful than others. I cannot be the only one that has been to a convnention, does the first class, thinking, ” I must remember that wicked routine” and take down a move in a way that I know I am going to remember. Then Monday morning comes, and you you look at ALL the notes that you have written over the weekend, and one mambo cha cha cha merges into another. Aaaargh

So how can writing aerobic and step choreography be less painful? Well I have 3 tips that you could use;

Tips for writing aerobic and step choreography

1. Write down the date and time and presenter of the class. This may help you remember the routine visually when you try to replicate the moves.

2. Try to call each routine and memorable name. We all know what a “funky knee repeater” is or a “rocking horse” is (maybe!) but if you can name a combination something that is memorable to you then it will be easier for you to remember.

3. Use the FREE template that I am about to give you!

I first got this template years ago from a Fit Pro Convention, and I have used it ever since. It is a way of really breaking each combination into counts and even has columns for lead leg, which direction you are travelling and what direction you are facing. It looks like this;

Although it is not perfect it has made writing down aerobic and step choreography a hell of a lot easier for me, and I have managed to remember a lot more combinations (which has been a blessing as I have got older!)

Anyway, rather than you creating your own templete, I have decided to supply one for you. I would suggest you try it with some easy routines first, and try to use it for more advanced routines, if that is what you teach.

To download your free template for writing down aerobic and step choreography, please click here

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