Free Choreography For Aerobics Classes

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One of the feed back from my online survey was that instructors wanted access to free choreography for aerobic classes.

So what I have decided to do is give you a selection of blocks from people that I respect in the industry and who will be contributing to my Fitness Training Academy. Enjoy!

Aerobics With Danni Gonzales

Step With Peter Dragovic

Conditioning with Sylvia Jane

If you want more specifc training, then you should definately check out my fitness training bundles, which provide you online video training in step, aerobics, mind body/conditioning and dance.

To see the training that I have on offer, please click here

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  • Lakeview Boot Camp

    Above Cardio Exercise is good, I watched above Vidios,This is good plan, good to know that, i think cardio exercise is best way to lose weight and also its natural, avoid junk food, try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables for effective results.

  • Dustin Martorano

    I’ve watched the above videos and these are really good for the beginners to learn exactly how to do it.Cardio is really effective if a person do it in a right way.

  • Jaimie

    I am looking to clarify and make my posture look good and precise so i can maximize the results. These videos really helped me.

  • GetSlimWithYoga

    Love the energy it looks very challenging!

    – GSWY
    Get Slim With Yoga

  • Dea

    Some good picks on this list! Here’s my suggestion – great choice for in-between more intensive workouts: