Fitness Facebook Success Secrets With Josh Carter. Do Social Media The Right Way

Joshua Carter began his fitness career as a Certified Personal Trainer in the Santa Monica area.  In 1996, Joshua developed his Physical Enhancement website, and has launched several other fitness-related web sites since that time, including 

With over 18 years personal training experience, Joshua has developed training & nutrition protocols that have delivered proven results in half the time as traditional programs.  These successful protocols have been shared with a select few trainers who assist Joshua with training at his Carter Fitness. 

Joshua’s clients include top actors, producers, studio heads and corporate executives, and others who want to get in the best shape of their lives. 


In this interview you will discover;


  • How Josh became a Facebook Ads guru.
  • Why its smart to keep people within Facebook when using Facebook Ads, and not send to a squeeze page.
  • Why Facebook fan pages are important.
  • How to name your fan page the right way.
  • What is the most important part about Facebook Ads.
  • What the least important is of Facebook Ads.
  • How to target your ads.
  • How much to invest in ads when starting out.
  • What his best business purchase has been.




To listen to the awesome interview click here

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