Is Pilates Bad For Your Back?

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This is an exclusive interview with Cherry Baker and answers the question of whether Pilates based classes are actually good for your back.

This is a slightly controversial interview, but it is really a really insightful interview with one of Uk’s most respected fitness professionals. In this interview you will learn;

1. What is the difference between all the Pilates courses out there.
2. Whether the original Pilates exercises are actually good for your back
3. What type of Pilates exercises and classes do actually help the core and back.
4. The IDEAL class template that all Pilates classes stick to, to be successful and effective.
5. Why many classes are actually giving Pilates a bad name, how to watch out for this and, if you are an instructor, how to make sure your class is not one of them

This is a great interview and EVERYONE will learn loads from this.

Cherry must be one of the longest-standing presenters in the UK, involved in the fitness industry for over 30 years!

Winner of Fitness Instructor of the year award 1994, YMCA tutor of the year award, Nominee for Fitness Professional of the year 2002 nominee for Life Time achievement in 2001.

Cherry owns her own studio and delivers teacher training programmes throughout the UK. She is also author of Total Core Strength and Pregnancy Fitness and is renowned for her enthusiasm and fun delivery as well as her desire to share knowledge with a down to earth no complicated approach!

Click below to listen to this interview. It may take a few seconds to load, but it will be worth the wait!

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  • Cath

    Cherry rocks!!! I worked in a back pain rehab centre and she talks absolute sense I wish more presenters/instructors had this approach.

  • admin

    She is amazing isn’t she? Wait till next week, when she talks about exercise and pregnancy

  • Exercise During Pregnancy

    This is a a little bit doubtful consultation, but it is really a really informative consultation with one of Uk’s well-known physical health and fitness and health experts.

  • Cherry

    Now I can’t wait to do the Clinical Pilates courses with you. Helena