The Fat Loss Cake

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Picture the following 2 scenarios:

Scenario #1: Someone gives you a cake recipe. You go into your kitchen, follow the directions to a tee and the cake comes out beautifully.

Scenarios #2: Someone gives you a cake recipe. However, this time you are in someone else’s kitchen trying to make it. There’s no butter. There’s no all-purpose flour or milk. But there’s other stuff, like almond milk, coconut flour, applesauce, egg whites, etc. Could you make a cake out of this stuff?

The above two scenarios illustrate the difference between following a standard “meal plan”-based diet program (scenario #1) versus figuring out what to do for your unique metabolism and being able to live the ME Fat Loss Lifestyle (#2).

If you have been following ME for a while, you know that we consider fast fat loss the antithesis of a sustainable fat loss lifestyle. We say that patience, practice and introspection are key elements in your fat loss journey.

Usually, as it is with most crash diets and fast fixes, the faster it comes off, the faster it goes back ON. You know this, and if you are like most people, you have experienced this many, many times over in your life: The Cookie Diet. The Atkins Diet. The Sensa Diet. The HCG Diet. The Biggest Loser show. A competition diet plan. A juice cleanse. Whatever—these are all examples of plans that if you follow, you will most likely see results, and quickly. And these plans work well for a lot of people, but we would argue that without doing the work of figuring out what works FOR YOU, away from following a specific “plan,” any weight loss you achieve would be short-lived.

So is there any benefit to doing a short-term, intense fat loss plan?

We believe there is. But it’s not necessarily because of the results, though of course seeing fast results is motivating. But instead, we believe the power of following a FAST fat loss plan lies in gaining 3 key insights:


 It gives you a taste of just how much work it takes to achieve results. There is something about the discipline and hard work that you must harness to do something like this. It can be powerful and liberating. Plus, if you want to see a change on your physique, you may have to do something more drastic. “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”


It throws you into the lion’s den and allows you the opportunity to see how your body responds. Traditional fast fat loss plans have very little variability. Meaning, you can see exactly how your body responds to a certain food because everything is so tightly controlled. This aspect allows for you to ask questions and nail down your unique responses to food and training, and then adjust for a more sustainable plan. In other words, it’s gives you the opportunity to take on the role of DETECTIVE and earn a complete education in YOU.


It’s a safe place to mess up J In the traditional “dieting” mindset, when we rely on meal plans that other people give us, we are at the mercy of “the plan” instead of owning THE PROCESS. You are either “on plan” or “off plan”—and if you can’t stay on the plan, then sorry, you lose. ME wants to instead be the coach that helps you find a plan that you will never fall off. Why? Because a sustainable fat loss lifestyle allows for mistakes, even encourages them. Because the mistakes are where the magic happens. When we mess up, we learn about ourselves and get better. There is no right or wrong, on or off. There is only the lessons we can learn about our individual metabolism, personal preferences and psychological sensitivities, each of which is uniquely our own.

So, if you been thinking about doing one of these fast fat loss plans then go for it, but do it with your eyes wide open.  66% of people following such plans end up fatter after the plan than they were before they started. But, there is that other 33% that learned something, practiced it and mastered a lifestyle they could love, live with and own. Make sure any program you do teaches you how to make it sustainable so it becomes a stepping stone to lasting fat loss not a trapdoor to yo-yo weight regain.

If you feel like you would like to jump into the lion’s den with Metabolic Effect as your guide, we encourage you to look into our 4 Week Fat Loss Jump Start program. It’s about achieving fast results, but ONLY with an eye toward what will happen after the 4 weeks is over. It’s a challenge, it’s an education and it’s a blast.





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