Is Achieving Fast Fat Loss Possible?

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The reason people fail at long-term fat loss can be illustrated by the analogy of baking a cake. We humans crave certainty and so we LOVE to think in terms of exact specification and black & white thinking. Basically, we want recipes. But, recipes don’t teach us how to make things work for our individual metabolic expression, psychological sensitivities, personal preferences and lifestyle situations.


If you wanted to bake a cake, we could give you the exact recipe and steps to follow, but even if you baked that cake perfectly (not always easy) it would not make you a baker. What if you did not have all the exact ingredients.  Would you know enough to adjust and still bake a successful cake?  If you took the time to learn the ins and outs of baking you would, but if all you ever did was follow recipes you would likely not know where to start, become frustrated and fail.


There is some benefit in learning to follow a recipe but only in the beginning and only if it results in true understanding.  Following a recipe CAN allow you to become familiar with some of the rules of baking and some of the ingredients that are required in all cakes. The problem arises when circumstances change, if you are in a hurry, when you don’t have all the ingredients, when the tools are different and when you are so dependent on a recipe nothing makes sense without it.


Can you see how this relates to body change? And how following a strict meal plan or predefined workout schedule can become an issue if you never learn how your own body responds and reacts? Why are you so intent on meal plans and recipes if you can’t function without them?  Why are you not wanting to learn so you can figure it out on your own? One-size fits-all plans only work for certain people, in certain situations, and when doing things perfectly. Since when do things go perfectly?  Since when are you the same as everyone else? Since when will you be presented with the “perfect situation”?


To achieve fast fat loss a recipe CAN be valuable, but only if it teaches you how to adjust and you don’t become reliant on it.  A good recipe should be a stepping stone to learning and understanding not a crutch you become reliant on.  You need to know how to take the information, learn from it and be able to apply those lessons over the long run to maintain fat loss.


If you want to be successful in long-term fat loss you need to become a baker and stop settling for a single cake recipe. Metabolic Effect has a program designed to do just that.  It gives you a recipe for quick results, but it also teaches you how to use that recipe to develop real understanding about your body for lasting change.


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