Your Fitness Consulting Powerpack Is Ready. I Have Done All The Work For You. Just Add your Business Name!

Ok I am not going to do a massive sales pitch for this, because I feel that you will either see the time saving benefit of this or not!  Basically I know that we would all like to be more organised with our paperwork, and if we had time we would prepare more presentations that we could deliver to the community to get more people in.

Also if you have time you could even create handouts that you can give to your clients/class members to create added value and establish yourself as an expert in your community.

Well I think I may have a solution for you, as I have created a 

Fitness Consultancy Powerpack.  

In this pack I have included

4 Powerpoint Presentations/ Audios/ MP4 Videos

I have created 4 presentations which you can download and edit.  The topics are Female Hormones and Fat Loss, How Sweet Is Your Drink, Lifestyle Factors For Fat Loss and Pregnancy and Exercise.

I have also included an MP4 of my presenting these presentations, which you are free to use, as well as an MP3 recording which you can give to your clients/class members!

Handouts For Your Clients/Class Members

Handouts include, why weight loss makes you fat, why long cardio makes you fat, women and weight training, and why your scales can’t be trusted.


These are a couple of promotions that I have used to get more clients/class members.  These are; New year Revolution Email Sequence, Referral Ideas with sample scripts, plus an A5 flyer that I had designed which attracted more business for me 🙂

Lesson Plans

I have included 2 session plans, on how to run an initial class/bootcamp orientation AND 2 initial enquiry phone scripts that you can use

Consulting Paperwork

To further save you time, I have included a number of documents that you are more than free to edit and use.  These include; 1 year billing agreement, 3 month billing agreement, enquiry sheet template, food diary template, taking body measurements template, referral questionnaire, Sample goal sheet, and lots more!

As you can see there are loads of information and resources here that has taking me hours to create and therefore will save you hours in preparing them, especially the presentations.  In many cases you just need to add your business name and you are good to go!!

The cost for all of this is just £27! If you think that one of the presentations, videos, and audios above would take you at least 2 hours to create, you can see that this is a bargain!

As there is so much information here, I will increase the price on Monday to £47 which is still a bargain.  So if you want your Fitness Consultancy Powerpack downloaded straight to you, just click the link below


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