Cherry Baker Pilates and The Foam Roller

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Here is Pilates expert Cherry Baker talking about Pilates and The Foam Roller

To find out more about Cherry and her work click here

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  • test
  • Pilates Workout

    Very informative video on the foam
    roller, thank you for posting it. I was always curious how the foam roller
    would be used in Pilates.

  • Inez Falencia

     I like to exercise in this video, especially the use of foam roller. Thank you for sharing

  • Duncan Geddes

    That’s a really interesting use for a foam roller.

  • Nayeema

    For practicing Pilates we need use some equipment and foam roller is a great one.


  • Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics

    Nothing better than cooling down from a long workout with a foam roller. It burns so good!!