Lessons Learnt From My 7 Year Old About Fitness Business

This half term I had the pleasure of spending quality time with Harvey.  I decided to take him to a local park where we could feed the ducks (love that) and play on all the wonderful climbing frames, swings etc that they have there.  We were having a great time and Harvey wanted to go on a particular apparatus.  So he ran off. looking forward to playing on it and I saw that he was having a conversation with a boy of his age.
“Ah he is has found himself a play buddy” I thought, but was surprised that within seconds, Harvey ran towards me with the boy chasing him.  When the boy saw my and realised that I was Harvey’s dad, he look at me with a shocked/scared look on his face, and ran in the opposite direction. When I looked round, Harvey was crying and then told me that the boy had threatened to punch him!
Now any parent reading this can imagine half of the thoughts and emotions that was going through my mind, many of them I really can’t reveal here.  I asked Harvey if he still wanted to go on the climbing frame and his reply was, “after you buy me a lolly!”
So with lolly bought, and Harvey calmed down, and me telling him that the reason the boy was mean was that his breath smelt of poo, he happily ran back into the playground, (with me as his bodyguard) and he played on everything that he wanted to and I could not get him to come home.  Me?  on the other hand was half hoping that I could see that little “boy” so that I could put into practice half of my unprintable thoughts.
But looking at Harvey, he was over it.  He was upset, but had a lolly and then got on with playing and enjoying himself. He had let that crappy moment go.

Maybe that is what we, as fitness professionals should do more of.  Sometimes we are so focussed on the person that does not like our classes, or sessions that we let that affect our work.  If we have a great idea of moving or businesses forward, and we have 9 positive comments, it will be the 10th one which is a bit negative that we agonise over, which may prevent us from moving forward.

As a presenter when sessions were being evaluated as they were at conventions such as fitpro, I could have taught the best session ever and had amazing evaluations, but that ONE negative one would leave me feeling a failure for the rest of the convention.

I have matured a little (only a little) since then but I do catch my self sometimes being affected by stuff that has already happened, and not letting it go.

So having seen Harvey turn a negative into a positive situation and letting go of that crap stuff, I am going to resolve to do the same, wherever possible
Agree or disagree? I would be interested in your thoughts.  Please post a comment here
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