Lessons From A Messed Up Fitness Launch

As you know I recently held the launch and delivery of my Online Fat Loss Summit.  I was lucky enough to gather some of the best names in the field of fat loss, and they agreed to contribute their knowledge in the form of presentations for the event.  With my knowledge of internet marketing I thought that it was going to be a breeze to put everything together and make this a resounding success.

Now don’t get me wrong, I was really happy with the results, but this was definately not an easy ride, and to quote many an X Factor finalist I definitely went on a “Roller Coaster Journey!”.  Firstly the launch sequence of free content to gather trust and build anticipation did not work!  I was using a software that was supposed to release content every few days, but for some reason, it did not want to play ball.  Also when people were entering their details, they were not directed to the correct video.  Annoying to say the least.  Luckily I managed to side step this by placing ALL of the content in one place on my site, so as not to pee people off more, .but some momentum was definately lost in the process.

However the launch time gave me time to plan the event, collect the presentations and convert them so that they were in the right format, as well as contact the varying affiliates (people that were going to promote the event for me) so that I was going to create LOADS of sales!

I didn’t count on my outsourcer falling sick and not being able to do a lot of the groundwork in terms of web design, membership site design etc, which meant that yours truely had to do the lot!  Luckily having done the first Summit on my own I knew how to design basic web pages and work the software so that the event clunked along, although it was not nearly as snazzy and as showy offy as I would have liked.  

Also I did not have as much time to promote, get the affiliates the material to let their contacts know about the event, and generally bask in my own brilliance at creating such an event.

However I WAS pleased that the event ran.  The beauty of setting a date and letting the world know about it is that you HAVE to meet that date no matter what, and I did.  The event went without a hitch (almost), the presentations played, the quality of the sessions was amazing and the feedback has been awesome.

So what are the lessons that I have learnt? Well there are loads but these are the main ones;

1. Good is good enough: As the picture above shows, sometimes we wait for things to be 100% perfect before we feel that we are ready to let people know about our services. I have seen this in masterclasses where presenters want to teach all of their Act 3 of Swan Lake regardless of whether people are getting it or not.

Good is good enough!  If something is not quite ready, get it out there anyway.  People do not know how the end product was supposed to look, and if there are mistakes you can rectify them as you go along.

2. ALWAYS have a plan B (or C):  I learnt this in my presenting days ages ago.  When my outsourcer went ill, I had basic knowledge to get the job done.  It was not as pretty as I would have liked but the content more than made up for it, and I was able to get the job done.  When teaching a class, make sure that you have a back up plan in case the class cannot get your routine, or you do not have the right equipment.  I even taught 3/4 of a masterclass at Fitpro with no music when there was a power cut!  Good times!!

3. Believe in the quality of your product: I knew that with all the hiccups and blips that the main saving grace was that I knew that the quality of the speakers, would make everything worthwhile, and I was right.  If things do not go they way that you want, if you believe in your teaching skills, classes, sessions, programming, then people will always be more forgiving.  This may take more training to get to that level, but the pay off will definitely be worth it.

So don’t suffer from paralysis of analysis, create your classes, sessions and fitness products, and get ready, fire and aim :-_

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