Fat Loss and The Menopause – What all instructors should know

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One of the features of my regular newsletter is some thing called “Ask Dr Jade” where you can ask Dr Jade Teta from Metabolic Effect Questions on Fat Loss.  One of the questions that created the most reaction was the following one regarding Fat Loss and Menopause.  If you are a group exercise instructor, personal trainer or bootcamp instructor that deals with clients in this age range then this you must take this information in.

Question :-  Please can you tell me what effect the Metabolic Effect diet and workout have on someone in the menapause? The Dukan diet my friend is on says it takes twice as long for people who are menapausal to lose weight as the protein works against the hormones?

Please help

Dr Jade’s Answer….

At menopause the body becomes far more carbohydrate responsive because it no longer has estrogen to offset insulin and progesterone to offset cortisol. Therefore the diet needs to become far less in carbs.  The protein is likely not the issue. Here are some educational things to read to help:
Trust me, read the posts, print them out, or use them as handouts and your classes/class participants will LOVE you!
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