The Right Way To Do Fitness Business Networking

The above picture was taken when I was lucky enough to present at the Nike Convention in Moscow.  As well as being a brilliant event, this picture is very special to me as it highlights the powerful value of being around great people and the power of networking.

The presenters in this picture really are the creme de la creme.  Tony Stone (USA), Julio Papi (Spain), Daniele Baldi (Italy), Larz Shuyling (Holland), Tom Woll (Germany) and little old me from the UK.  This is not to brag, but to illustrate that being among people that are considered at the top of their game automatically elevates you on that level AND makes you strive to stay at that level for as long as possible.
So how can that translate to a local fitness business?  Well from a group exercise point of view, if you organise a masterclass day and invite a well known presenter, and you teach on the same timetable, in your members’ eyes you will be to them on the same level.  This is very powerful in establishing yourself as the go to person in your area.
Also if you run a website to promote your services, you can easily get access to some extremely knowledgable people that can provide great information for your clients and members.  For example if you provide an interview of the month with a doctor, physio, nutritionist etc, then again your clients, members and class participants will soon see you as the person to go to as you will have the most knowledgeable circle of influence around you, and you are not just the instructor that teaches your class, or pt session.
So how do you contact these people? Easy!  Social media sites such as Facebook has made this process really easy.  The following approach has allowed me to schedule 8 skype video interviews with leading US fitness personalities, in 4 days.  These interviews will be placed into my Fitness Training Academy for my members, so adding amazing value for them.

Also did you know that I am the UK Master Trainer for Metabolic Effect just from connecting with Jade Teta on Facebook, using a variation of the script below!
When you approach these people, you have to frame your message so that you are helping them.  So for example let’s say that you want to contact your local well known beauty therapist, thinking that you could possibly work together to get more clients/class members.  You could write a message to them on Facebook such as this;
Hi_________________ my name is _______________________ and I am a local fitness instructor/personal trainer based in _______________.  I teach ____ sessions a week and come into contact with around _______ people per week. I want to provide as much value to them as possible and I regularly interview leading health professionals to showcase what they do and maybe increase business for them.  As a leading beauty therapist around here I was wondering if this is something that you would be interested in? If this is then let me know and I can set a time that will work around you.
Thanks for you time
You can of course modify this to suit your style.  For example you can arrange to meet them in person, get them to write an article for your newsletter, or come and give an in person talk/demo. Whichever method you choose, the aim is to show this person that you are going to do soomthing for them, which will increase the chances of them reciprocating.
Give this a try and please let me know how you get on.  You should find that you can easily increase your local network of influential health professionals, which will in turn help you build your fitness business.
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