Aerobic Inspiration For Group Exercise Instructors

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Ok as you should know about me I am a freestyle aerobic lover. That is my love and that is my roots.  It has enabled me to travel around the world and I want to keep the flag flying.

I also see that there are instructors that want to do the same but struggle to do so, whether it be lack of time to practice, lack of ideas, or not knowing how to break down routines.

Members of my Fitness Training Academy have benefited from learning moves and routines from some of the best International Presenters around.

For a limited time I am allowing you access to them too!  I have created a package of some of my most popular aerobic and dance aerobic videos that I am allowing you access to, today.

If you click the link below you will be able to watch presentations from;

Spanish Presenter Danni Gonzales
Hungarian Presenter Balasz Fussey
Slovenian Presenter Peter Dragovic
Israeli Presenter Yoav Avidar
Czech Republic Presenters Roman and Lenka
Dutch Legend Lars Schuyling

These videos showcase each routine with full breakdown, therefore saving you time and energy, knowing that you can use these videos as inspiration for your classes.

As it is the New Year I wanted to make these videos as accessible as possible, so I have done two things.  Firstly once you have made your order, you will be directed to a page which has all the videos on, so you can watch them wherever you wish.

But secondly, IF you do not want to sit in front of the computer watching the videos, I have created an app which means that you can watch all this amazing choreography on your iphone, or Ipad.  
How cool is that.

The price for these 6 videos is just 14.97!!! This will only be available for a limited time,  and then the videos will go back into the Fitness Training Academy

So click the link below to order your Presenting Video Package and Get Inspired!

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  • James

    I think in a group we could do better job and exercise, we also
    work in a group, the instruction you mention above its good and
    hope work for me too.