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When we are a fitness instructor, fitness training motivation is really important to make sure that our clients get the results that we want them to.   This is important whether we are a personal trainer or group exercise instructor.  One of the many skills that we have to have is making sure that we make our clients feel safe in the knowledge that it is ok not to get something right first go.

For me personally, I really try to make everyone feel “safe” in my classes by making my them light hearted.  Sometimes I can be a bit close to the bone, but that is just my way of attempting to let someone, especially someone who has not been in my class before to appreciate that it is ok to not get my choreography right first time, and that it is part of the learning process.  One of my idols is Michael Jordan who really was a master of his trade, in fact I think he was a genius.  This video explains his thoughts on “failing”

Even us fitness instructors, should remember that it is ok not to be perfect the first time.  I have tried many teaching methods, whether it be break down skills or a certain training method, and it has not gone to plan.  So I go back, think how I could have done better and try to come back stronger. I feel that we really should try to encompass this in our fitness training motivation strategies.

So what are some fitness training motivation tips. Well I have detailed them here.

  1. I think the first tip, is to create an environment where it is ok to mess up, whether you are instructor or participant.  Once I was taking the class of a local studio instructor, and everytime she messed up (which was often) she got so stressed that you could cut the atmosphere with a knife!  Not good.
  2. Another aspect of fitness training motivation is to challenge your students/clients to push themselves and to over achieve.  By doing this you are always challenging your clients to do more, perform that extra rep, perform the routine again, achieve overload.  There is a fine line between demotivating your clients by pushing them too hard, but if you know your clients, you should know their limits.
  3. In education there is a big thing called differentiation, which is to make everyone feel safe and motivated in your class by teaching to all levels; making the lesser indviduals feel as if they have achieved, whilst at the same time challenging the more capable.  I think this is a really important fitness training motivation tip that we can adopt.  We as instructors should make sure that if we are teaching a group  of people that everyone should feel a part of the experience and should feel that they are being taught to.  In this local class that I was taking the instructor was blatently teaching to the front row, making sure she was adding twists turns and backflips (I was at the back).  The poor people at the back were completely left out and could not keep up, and therefore left.  Not good.

So by adopting these tips for fitness training motivation; create a welcoming environment, continually challenging clients and lastly teaching to all levels will ensure that we reach out to a lot more people, resulting in us being more effective as fitness leaders


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