Christmas Conditioning Ipad/Iphone Special Offer

As this is the festive season and I know that most are planning for the New Year, and don’t have time to sit in front of the Computer checking out new routines, I decided to do something about it.

Christmas Conditioning Ipad/Iphone Special Offer


I am giving you the opportunity to get; 

7 conditioning videos (full length)

5 mp3 audio interviews on conditioning related topics

2 conditioning e book manuals


These will give you loads of ideas, stimulation and motivation all delivered straight to your iphone and/or ipad ūüôā

So what is included in this package? Well…..


You will get access to the following;



  • Cardio Conditioning with David Stauffer from the USA (30 minutes)
  • Lower Body Conditioning with David Stauffer from the USA (30 minutes)
  • Total Athletic Conditioning with Daniel Gonzales from Spain (30 minutes)
  • Step and Conditioning with Orazio Battiato from Italy (20 minutes)
  • Vipr Masterclass with Marvin Burton from the UK (50 minutes)
  • Athletic Drills Training For Bootcamps and Circuits with Charlotte Ord from the UK (40 minutes)
  • Bootcamp Secrets with Paul Mort from the UK (45 minutes)


So that is over 3 ¬Ĺ hours of video training. ¬†Plus you will get



  • Increasing The Hormonal Fat Loss Effect in Your Sessions with Jade Teta from the USA
  • Recovery and Rejuvanation, the key to training success with Nick Grantham from the UK
  • Post Natal training guidleines with Cherry Baker from the UK
  • Functional training secrets for fat loss with Marvin Burton from the UK
  • Incorporating rest based training into your bootcamps, pt sessions and classes with Jade Teta from the USA


Finally you will get access to these 2 manuals


PDF ebooks

  • Bodyweight Conditioning manual, with exercises, routines and full breakdowns
  • Stability Ball training manual, with over 20 ¬†different exercises with accompanying photographs and, beginners, intermediate and advanced routines


 So How Much Will All That Cost?


So you are moments away from accessing hours worth of material delivered straight to your iphone/ipad, so that you can watch, listen and read this information whereever you wish.  The videos alone are worth £19.97 each but you will not pay that.


As it is Christmas, and my mother’s birthday on the 23rd December, you can get ALL of the above for just ¬£19.97 TOTAL!


Just click the add to cart button below and your conditioning resources will be sent to your iphone/ipad in minutes 


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