Do You Know YOUR Carbohydrate Tipping Point

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How much carbohydrates does your clients need to eat?  There has been much debate about this topic.  Hormonal fat loss expert Jade Teta explains this concept perfectly in this video, in which he talks about identifying YOUR Carbohydrate tipping point.


Dr Jade Teta is coming to the UK to deliver his Hormonal Fat Loss Certification where he goes into this and a whole lot more in greater detail.  


To get more information and to reserve your place please click here

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  • Leena Sowambur

    Extremely interesting and useful I’m in the middle of finding out mine and what is suggested here does work.

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    Personally speaking i was not aware about the exact amount of carbohydrates that we should eat but with the help of this video i have learnt about it. This video is superb and i suggest everyone to watch it.

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    Nice article.It means that we should be aware that which vitamin,nutrition is being taken by the body and which is not.Its really nice advice and information as well.