Working Out With The Vipr

Freedom of movement

What is the Vipr?

By taking the concept of freedom of movement, ViPR is challenging how we interact with training tools. Simply put, it is the evolution of free weights. ViPR is an acronym for Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning – three key concepts that could define any exercise programme.


ViPR was created to allow training and exercise to be more purposeful and free. There needs to be an objective (beyond counting to 12) behind every exercise that you do. Think of daily tasks such as putting shopping away, playing sports, carrying heavy bags – they all have an objective.


Unfortunately, most movements and exercises that we perform in a gym are devoid of any real objective and this mind-numbing process robs individuals of the opportunity to achieve fitness for life. Our bodies lift things, shift from place to place and rotate to achieve optimum performance. Isolation training doesn’t often exist in real life because it’s too inefficient and ineffective – the body and its parts would wear out far too quickly. The body is designed to spread forces and stress out into the system, through each joint and tissue in the body. The more effectively this is accomplished, the less injury will plague the system. Only ViPR, with its unique design, offers enough comfort and freedom to accomplish such things.


Exercising with ViPR


Made from rubber and available in seven different weights, ViPR has an abundance of exercises to challenge any ability level. It can be carried, tilted, dragged, thrown, flipped, stepped on and rolled. Each movement has been carefully organised into elements according to the application.


If you want to improve strength in functional lifting, then choose a ‘lift series’ of exercises. If you have a desire to improve co-ordination, then certainly a ‘rolling series’ of exercises will accomplish this goal.


The special design enables it to be used inside and out – with elite athletes and beginners alike – and as an adjunct tool in a training session or all by itself.




The secret to the effectiveness of training with ViPR is that every exercise performed with this tool must be done so using whole-body integration (WBI). There has been a collective shift in the fitness industry towards studying, viewing and training the body as a unified whole. It’s a relatively new concept in current training methodology but has been rapidly adopted for its ability to quickly see results. Whether you want to lose weight or mitigate stress when training, WBI is the preferred modality.


ViPR is both safe and versatile enough to provide effective WBI and, because of this, ViPR has been endorsed by many of the top educators in the fitness industry. Moreover, it has been tested with all levels of fitness participants, from individuals in need of rehabilitation to elite athletes, for the past four years.


As with all products, advancements in understanding and utility offer a differing perspective which allows for innovation. This innovation is the genesis of product evolutions like ViPR.

PT on the Net’s Marvin Burton will be teaching Vipr as part of the Conditioning Bootcamp in July.  To book your place or for more information, click here

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